SBI's First Premium Banking Lobby created & maintained by CBSL

Premium Banking Lobby created & maintained at Sector 34 A, Chandigarh by CBSL for SBI has been inaugurated by SBI DMD Sri Neeraj Vyas on 29th August, 2017. Four machines are available in this Lobby- ATM, Cash Point (Deposit/withdrawal both), Passbook printer & Electronic Cheque deposit. For customers, CBSL has provided additional facilities of water dispenser, AC, Piped-in-music, LED TV for display of Bank's products, Customer care Executive to guide & help customers in case of need and a seat for Bank's Marketing Executive. Certainly this lobby will give an experience of customer delight.

CBSL Group Signs MoU with Skill Development Mission, Govt. of M.P.

On 4-3-2017, CBSPL signed 3 MoUs with Directorate of Skill Development, State of Madhya Pradesh (Under MPCVET). MoU entails training and skill enhancement of ITI Diploma holders in 3 Zones Jabalpur, Indore and Gwalior. CBSPL is planning to sign additional 14 MoUs in the coming month to cover all the districts of the State of Madhya Pradesh.

The said MoUs will help ITI Diploma holders to have an active industry interface across the industry sectors. CBSPL will help ITI Diploma holders to up-skill their vocational skills in the field of vocation of Computer operations, Software implementation, Electricians, Fitters etc.

CBSPL will train ITI Diploma holders for a period of 18 month on the job in CBSL Group companies at various sites in MP. Some of the trainees after completion of training will be given jobs in CBSL Group.

CBSPL is going to expand this initiative PAN India as a Part of its endeavor under National Skill Development Centre, New Delhi which is the APEX body under the Govt. of India for providing skill enhancement to millions of unemployed youth in India. All State Skill Development Missions in India are under the umbrella of National Skill Development Centre, New Delhi.

Our Participation in IBEX, Mumbai

Commercial Taxes Department, Bihar

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we have raised our first bill of the Commercial Taxes Dept , Bihar in the third month of operation.

This is commendable since this is an entirely new project in terms of the Operations for the imaging division.

This project involves Doc Pickup from multiple locations simultaneously, logistics, Digitization(multi lingual indexing) at out Central Processing facility at Patna and subsequent storage at our RMS facility at Patna.

All this has been seamlessly integrated via a offline workflow software and an online MIS/Transactional portal.

The Client has commended CBSL on achieving this task in this short span and has assured us more business coming�our way.

A few other states have also shown interest in this project.

All this has been possible because of the aggressive and committed leadership of our team members.


CBSPL group is proud to announce that it�s Record Management Solutions (RMS) has been successful in procuring orders from Principal Commissioner of income tax Delhi Zone. RMS has added to its number of clients by doing Sales agreement with six different zones. Not only in Delhi but in Jaipur too our team has succeeded in signing two agreements with principal commissioner of income tax Central Range. However RMS division is trying to grab a hold of more zones Pan India.

CBSL Group launched the DMS and RMS Project in Commercial Taxes Department, Bihar

CBSL Group has been awarded with the responsibility for scanning and digitization of all the files across Bihar (84 locations) along with Record Infrastructure Management(RIM) by Commercial Taxes Department (CTD).this process will be done at different stages mentioned below:

The document collection will be done at all 84 locations of commercial taxes department across Bihar. This will be followed by Document Processing which will be done at 2 centralized processing centres. The first center will be in Patna and the second one will be in North Bihar. At this CPC, complete processing from documents received from 84 locations, Preparation, Scanning, Meta Data Entry, Quality Audit by CBSL Group and by CTD officials will be done. Post second stage, all the documents will be moved to the facility where all record infrastructure management will be done by CBSPL.

Project Highlights:
  • Commercial Taxes Department project will be commenced / based on PRINCE2 Project tool (Project IN Controlled Environment -2) Project.
  • Proof of Concept (POC) has been planned will all respective stakeholders where CTD Top Officials are involved
  • This project will be the first project where CBSL Group has integrated it�s application through email and mobile. All stakeholders related to each activity will get a notification on respected email id and mobile through SMS.

    We are proud to announce that Document Management Division got itself empanelled with CSC (department of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India) for Digital India Program.

    Document management division of CBSL group has received a good number of projects with combined effort of Imaging Division department, Support Department and with constant guidance of the management. This list of projects include projects like Supply and Implementation of DMS.

    Besides this, DMS division in the most recent times has received the work order for HUDA Project for Digitization and Document Management Software. With this, the division has also received the work orders from the prestigious Madhya Pradesh High Court and IGL for providing intelligent cheque processing solutions.

    CBSL group is proud to announce the successful completion of the execution of Uttrakhand High Court project in the given stipulated time. With the successful completion of execution; we have also received the extension for digitization of more volume from Uttrakhand High Court.

    Printing of security papers for panchayats

    The printing division of CBSL group has been serving panchayats of Bihar and Jharkhand for the printing of their security papers.

    Printing of security papers for Jharkhand panchayat

    We are proud to inform that the printing division has successfully completed the printing of 4 Crore Security Papers comprising of 10,000 different designs in different quantity. The Pre-Printing procedure of these security papers involved hardwork of 6 Data Entry staff who worked day-night. A huge number of manpower with machinery too was used 24x7 for a month. Besides Printing ,special trained staff was responsible for Cutting , Binding , Proper Stocking and Placing of these security papers.

    Printing of security papers for Bihar Panchayat

    The printing division of CBSL group has succeeded in printing over 14 crore security papers comprising of 150 different designs in different quantity.a total of 10 Data Entry staff worked on the Pre-printing procedure day in day out. Our staff with the help of machinery running 24x7 completed this task within the stipulated time. Besides Printing, it involved Cutting , Binding , Proper Stocking and Placing by 13 specialized staff .

    The Printing Division of CBSPL group therefore, lived upto the expectation of Jharkhand and Bihar Government.


    CBSL Group is on a mission to achieve excellence in record storage solutions. We intend to delight Corporates with comprehensive solutions for Management of Records and information, leading to overall improvement of employee productivity.

    In the recent past our Record Management Solutions Division has achieved successful storage of over 1.5million cartons. CRC Patna too has joined the league of the one lakh group with our other centers namely Mumbai, Bhondsi , Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

    The Pan India consolidated Feedback Grading by our existing & prospective customers are as follows:

  • Jul-Sep 2015: 66.6% Excellent, 33.3% Good & Nil Average.
  • Oct-Dec 2015: 83 % Excellent, 17% Good & Nil Average
  • Record management solutions has added new chapters to its success story by:
  • Creating storage facilities at 42 warehouses in 22 countries across India.
  • Acquiring 5, 05,683 Sqr. Ft. storage area with racking capacity of 17, 29, 291 cartons.
  • Acquiring 78,502 Sqr. Ft. storage area PAN India during the year 2015.
  • New sites acquired in Indore, Bhubaneswar & Guwahati during the last quarter of December, 2015. Six- tier Racking system installed at Panchkula(Chandigarh) Site.

    We have succeeded in building long-term trustworthy associations with some of the best organizations nationally. CBSL records management program is advantageous as it provides a well-organized file plan� which enables an organization to find information easily. �Records that are correctly filed and stored are easily accessible, and this facilitates transparency and accountability. The orderly and efficient flow of information enables the organization to perform its functions successfully and efficiently. Besides maintenance and organization of records, the record management program of CBSL leads to elimination of unnecessary duplication of records. Controls are exercised to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the information, thus preventing information and/or the records from being stolen or damaged. This ensures the protection of privacy and confidentiality, and prevents the inappropriate disclosure of information that could harm the organization or infringe the privacy rights of individuals.

    The successful installation of ACDB and SSPK machines Pan India

    Cbsl group has been serving the two largest nationalized banks in India.Where Banking Automation Division (CBMPL) has successfully installed and are maintaining over 1500 Automatic Cheque Drop Box (ACDB) machines in the largest PSU in the country namely State Bank of India (SBI).

    The Advantages provided by ACDB machines for customers are as follows:

  • Insert Pay-in-slip and get a scanned print copy of Pay-in-slip.
  • Insert Cheque and get a scanned print copy of cheque.
  • Time, date and branch details printed on the scanned copy.
  • At the same time we are also providing our services to Punjab National Bank (PNB) by maintaining over 695 Self Service Passbook Printing KIOSK (SSPK) machines.

  • The advantage of SSPK machine is Customer Convenience such as fast, easy and convenient way to keep the passbooks "up to date" without queuing or engaging the branch staff.
  • Having received an order of 128 above ACDB machines for SBI in-touch branches the Banking automation Division has added another feather to its cap.

    CBSL group has Pan India presence with more than 2100 installations on branch sites and off sites. And over a team of 500 engineers supporting installation and maintenance of these machines.

    Besides these achievements CBSL offers Electronic Cheque deposit Machine to get instant cheque deposit confirmation. Various banks are using this solution.


  • More than 500 engineers supporting the installations guaranteeing maximum up time of machines.
  • All machines offered on OPEX model so no fixed investment by banks. Banks can discontinue service any time if utility of the machine is not justified.
  • All up gradations/technology enhancements done free of cost by us. Bank is always using the latest technology and solution at no extra /incremental cost and equipment never becomes obsolete/redundant.
  • UP Ballots Panchayat Elections Completed

    Printing Division of CBSL achieves another milestone by successfully printing and dispatching of 55 Crores Ballot Papers for UP Panchyat Elections during the last 5 months.

    Simulation training for "Go-Getter" CBSL team (26.09.2014-27.09.2014)

    Dear Professionals,

    Congratulations- you have been selected for a specialized training organized by CBSL for its Go Getter - future leaders!

    CBSL has organized a Simulation Workshop for CBSL present and future leaders, having been handpicked by the organization for this specialized training.

    It has always been an inherent feature of CBSL to try and keep adding to the caliber of its staff, by arranging occasions internally/externally trainings, exchanging better dialogue, having personalized interactions with renowned industry experts, and thereby providing an opportunity to rejuvenate in terms of real development & growth, value addition to the organization and being fruitful to the respective roles and jobs.

    This two day training is a rigorous experimental workshop designed for managers and decision makers to experience the complexities and challenges for running businesses. The meet will be guided by the industry's renowned professional with unprecedented industry knowledge. As an effective leadership requires conviviality and charisma, the motive of this meet will be bringing about the best and quintessential features of being an effective manager; thereby becoming proactive thinkers and leaders. The workshop aims at:

    Training by extensively researched self-developed cutting edge techniques

    Holistic Understanding of Business - Skill development techniques with comprehensive set of documentation, practical skills and tools used in the industry

    The perfect opportunity for networking and gaining experiences with knowledge sharing

    Enabling Cross-functional decision making

    Interactive, interesting and motivational training sessions

    The first specialized training was held on 26th September 2014 and 27th September 2014, at the India Habitat Center. Total 29 professionals participated in the workshop from across India - 20 professionals were from Delhi, 3 from Mumbai and 1 each from Bangalore, Chennai, Patna, Jaipur, Kolkata and Hyderabad respectively.

    The dates for the 2nd training will be XXX at YYY Center. (Please ensure these dates are kept free and open). Further the details of the training, along with the material will be shared in the forthcoming. Everyone is requested to prepare accordingly.

    Hope this excites you to learn more and constantly improve!!!

    New innovations in Record Management System (RMS) division

    "Record" constitutes any document or source of information compiled, recorded or stored in written form or by the electronic process, or by CDs, pen drives, or by any other means, in any other manner. Normally records go beyond the boundaries of an office routine, some are also classified and their able management is imperative for the proper functioning of any organization. In some cases, these records also need to go 'physically' beyond the peripherals of an official boundary, enhancing need of more safety and security of such records. Records management during transport is perhaps the 'weakest link' in record safety of any organization. The recreation of such tangible pieces, in advent of a loss may not only bring severe loss of money and time, but also loss of credibility to any organization. Therefore, record keeping and maintenance, during transport occupies a strategic position in an efficient and effective record management system of any organization.

    We have developed a unique innovative records management model - Record Management System (RMS). By integrating features such as GPS Installation, Vehicle Branding and Facility Management features, our newly developed RMS model aims at providing a comprehensive, accessible, cost effective solution assisting organizations in achieving unprecedented levels of safety, security, accountability, efficiency and profitability. These record-keeping innovations provide expert records, knowledge and information management. The important features of RMS model are explained below:

    GPS installation - The newly developed record management too, RMS provides the primary feature of a 'GPS Installation'. The GPS Installations are provided to vehicles, bringing the added convenience of easy traveling, accessibility, enhanced safety, proper monitoring and protection. As stated above, there are cases where there is need of records moving-out of physical boundaries of an organization. In such advents, there are requirements of constant tracking/monitoring of records (even by a minute) till it reaches its proper destination. This foregoing seems to point to the need for a sound record management system. The new innovations in the RMS system also provide separate bar codes to each record, for its proper identification and tracking, in cases of physical movement.

    Vehicle branding - The 'Vehicle Branding' feature, aims at creating differentiation of these special purpose GPS installed record transport vehicles, from the normal or other purpose vehicles. It enhances security of the vehicle since branding makes it more identifiable and hence acts as a deterrent to theft/hijack etc. Increased visibility helps the company as a means of advertisement since tens of thousands of people watch and sees the branded trucks. Therefore tracking the moving units does provide an organization an additional measure of accountability, safety and security. Security of records during in-vehicle movement is the most immediately realized benefit of this newly developed RMS records management program.

    Customize software development for assistance in solar solution - Solar invoicing solution

    As part of our constant efforts to decrease the likelihood of consumer problems arising, and to respond effectively when such complaints and difficulties do occur, we have developed solar energy-based consumer complaints management software system. The Solar Invoicing Solution (SIS) is solar-based customize software, developed for providing assistance to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) invoicing systems related to banking procedures such as the ATMs, invoicing, etc.

    This web-based SIS software is flexible, as it can be tailored completely to suit various unique business processing requirements. Debit cards matters such as account debited but cash not received, ATMs non working/faulty transactions, faulty internet transactions, delay in collection, core banking issues, refusal/delay in sanction/disbursement of loan, other credit matters, etc. constitute most of the complaints received by the banks.

    The SIS automatically switches between three possible power sources - solar panel, alternating current grid and internal battery. These ATMs feature an integrated battery backup system and are designed to operate in environments with inconsistent power availability, ideally suited in Indian conditions - both rural and urban regions. By integrating features such as the complaint management, the database management, the web-based invoicing, etc. the SIS aims at providing not only a comprehensive, easy-to-use, accessible, cost effective solution but also assists organizations in achieving unprecedented levels of accountability, efficiency and profitability. Some of the featured provided by SIS may be elucidated in the following manner below:

    Complaint management - The Complaint management feature includes customizable, web-based case management software solutions, enabling the management to provide better facilities to its customers related to their complaint redressers. No doubt, Customer service is the most cliched phrase at banks, with powerful features such as smart automations, SLA management, and reporting capabilities, the tool provides automated timely update on customers' complaints. Online responds are provided through Web based tools, which are accessible to clients, emails, and through SMS. SIS also includes several other customer-friendly features, such as a robust Complaint Tracking System allowing system to respond quickly and accurately to the customer's requests/complaints. An in-depth descriptive Complaint Analysis is also another striking feature provided by SIS, the tool allows definitive determination of requests/complaints by type and proper quick respond to redresser. This electronic and online mode filters various requests and complaints by bank-wise, circle-wise, area-wise and several other criterions.

    Database management solution - The Database management system includes all information systems that support the storage, retrieval and maintenance of information, requests/complaints, etc.

    Web-invoicing solution - The solar-based web invoicing solution facility includes all type of invoice functioning's such as the recurring invoices till the receipt of its payment from the customers, online processing and approvals of transactions and extensive reporting. It includes issuance of various types of invoices to customers, according to the nature of transaction; helping managing the purchase requests, suppliers profile, materials' delivery schedules, price histories, import costs, suppliers' billing, payment scheduling, planning, and other features with complete online approvals, processing and proper reporting.

    This customized power back-up, and solar powered integrated solar invoicing solution software not only streamlines the different business processes, but also makes the entire standard operating systems well-defined and meaningful. Undoubtedly, this solar-based customize softwares is pretty useful for the bottom line.

    CBSL is proud of making Union Bank of India, Jayapur Village branch functional on 100 % Solar Energy

    The first bank branch in india which is adopted by Honorable Prime Minister under "SANSAD ADARSH GRAM YOJANA" for MP's.
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    "SAWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN" initiative taken by Our Guwahati Team

    During this Abhiyan CBSL team has not only cleaned our facility but also the road in front of our office. You would be happy to know that it has got good response from local political leaders and nereby companies like Godrej and Ashok Leyland.

    First Milestone of 1 million Boxes for RMS Achieved!

    On 30th April 2014; CBSL has reached their first milestones of 1 million Boxes in our goal to be the Number 1 RMS company in India. We take special care in ensuring that our standard of service, security and warehouse facilities is exceptionally maintained through this journey. Our belief in our vision has yet again proven to be extremely strong with the commitment and relentless hard work by CBSL Group in making this happen.


  • Our vision is to be the first preferred organization for institution desirous of record management services in India on the basis of deliverable capability, trust, ethical conduct and track record of honouring commitments.
  • Core Values:

  • » Constant Learning and Up-gradation of the organization that includes internal team and industry know-how.
  • » Respect all stakeholders including customers, industry peers, employees
  • » Transparent conduct to render clarity
  • "A combination of art and science aimed at providing,
    The Right Information, To the Right Person, at the Right Time!"

    Solar Power for ATMs

    Our New Solar Power Project gives support to ATMs for power supply to ensure ATMs run smoothly even in areas where power crisis is there

    Our Banking Machine division launched some exciting products in the last financial year

  • CTS ( Cheque truncation system )
  • compatible Cheque Deposit Machine ( Highly Advance version of ECDM )
  • Self service pass book kiosk ( SSPBK )
  • Que Management system ( QMS )
  • Automatic Cheque Drop Box ( Advance version of ECDM )
  • 24.16 Lakh Books Printed By CBSL

    The prestigious time bound project of printing and supply of 24.16 Lakhs Books for Department of Education, valued at Rs. 110 million for Haryana State Govt. has been successfully completed within 28 days by our committed printing team.

    This massive Rs.110million project was accomplished only in 28 days by our committed printing team, without compromising the quality and reliability of our service. The hard work, dedication and perfection of CBSL operations in security printing have been showcased once again by our highly professional team.

    This Division has most modern Security Printing Press in Delhi for the last more than 21 years and is engaged in the printing of Lottery Tickets but also Security Forms like Cheque Books, Bank Drafts, Cash Certificates, special security forms like Sales Tax, ST-14 and ST-1 Forms, Revenue Receipt Books, Entertainment and Passanger Tax Stamps for Government Departments and Bus Tickets of various State Roadways besides Ballot Papers of some State Governments.

    CBSL Group's Security Printing Division has undertaken various following projects in the past :

    • Printing of Cheque Books, Bank Drafts, Gift Cheques and such other allied non-MICR Security items
    • Airline Tickets
    • Passenger Tax Stamps
    • Sales Tax ST-14 and 15 Forms
    • Customs Revenue Books
    • C-Forms
    • Computerised Bus Tickets
    • Ballot Papers
    • Any other sophisticated printed forms of banks and public organisation
    • Workbooks for Education Department
    • Education Books for World Bank Projects

    Digitization of Archival Records

    CBSL is into digitisation of Archival Records and has successfully completed various prestigious projects, preserving the Rare Documents in digitised form.

    ISO 27001:2005 Certification accomplished

    CBSL has been certified with ISO 27001:2005 for its excellence and high performance.