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Security Printing Solutions In India

This Division has most modern Security Printing Press in Delhi for the last more than 22 years and is engaged in the printing of Lottery Tickets but also Security Forms like Cheque Books, Bank Drafts, Cash Certificates, Special Security Forms like Sales Tax, ST-14 and ST-1 Forms, Revenue Receipt Books, Entertainment and Passanger Tax Stamps for Government Departments and Bus Tickets of various State Roadways besides Ballot Papers of some State Governments.

We have a full proof Security set-up managed by High Ranking Retd. Defence Officers and Ex-servicemen Security Supervisors and guards, keeping watch of our production, storage and surroundings round the clock. We have structured our premises keeping in view the fortification of the entire unit for undertaking printing assignments demanding water tight security assignments. All processes for printing to dispatch are done in house and only selected staff is deployed for executing the entire jobs. There is only one single gate for entrance and exit to units and the movements of every person is controlled/ guarded.

Further, CCTV cameras are installed in each section of the press and the display monitor is in the office of General Manager to have bird’s eye view of all the happenings in the press.

To ensure safety of our ready goods, we have our own closed door vehicles for dispatches.


  • Transport Commissioner Haryana, Chandigarh
  • Pathya Pustak Adhikari, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Authority, Punjab, Chandigarh
  • Bihar State Text Book Publishing Corporation Ltd., Patna
  • Director of Lotteries, Government of Mizoram
  • Rajasthan Council of Primary Education, Jaipur
  • Rajasthan Small Savings Department, Jaipur
  • State Election Commission, U.P., Lucknow 
Security Printing Solutions In India
Capital Business System Limited
G-13, Udoy Vihar Industrial Area, peeragarhi

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Security Printing Solutions In India Security Printing Solutions In India Security Printing Solutions In India

Social Responsibility

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Document

CBSL is dedicated to providing a safe and healthful environment. In regards to the above we aim at the following:

  • Preventing accidents and ill health of the employees while at work and also preserving CBSL's assets and properties.
  • Facilitating regular health and safety audits and conducting annual managerial reviews.
  • Complying with all the regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Training to the employees to perform their jobs in safe and risk free manner.

Labour Policy

CBSL is working on Model Standing Order of Labour laws applicable in India.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Document

CBSL recognizes that care of the environment is a central business concern and we are dedicated to operating in a manner that achieves the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution.

The senior management of CBSL is committed to achieving the most appropriate standards of environmental management relevant to our business and to ensuring that our businesses meet all regulatory and legislative requirements.

Our environmental management system identifies our environmental aspects and the associated impacts of our operations i.e. material section, energy usage and waste materials generations. We strive to reduce the environmental impacts of these operations ,our products and services using appropriate environmental solutions and technologies whilst continuing to support our customers.

CBSL’s commitment to the environment and society is at large. It takes all the initiatives to prevent wasteful use of resources thus being a responsible corporate citizen. It recognizes the importance of atmosphere and thus takes all the actions for the prevention of pollution.


The Programme seeks to teach the uneducated. It provides education to those children who could not afford basic education.

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